Logistics note



The Summit will take place in hybrid mode, with plenary and thematic sessions at the
Centre International de Conférence de Kintélé, and official sessions and transmission on
the official Summit page.



Summit participants included :

  • State representatives from the three basins;
  • Sub-regional political and economic organizations from the three ecosystems;
  • Representatives of other states and partner organizations;
  • The scientific community, represented by members of the IPCC, IPBES
  • National climate and biodiversity experts from universities and institutes ;
  • Committed states ;
  • Funders ;
  • Local and international climate and biodiversity organizations, including
    representatives of youth, refugee, indigenous and women’s associations involved
    in climate and biodiversity conservation actions


Communication from the summit will be via a range of channels, including email, social
media and websites.

The summit website is : www.thethreebasinsummit.org,
the e-mail address is : info@thethreebasinsummit.org
and social media are :

Delegations wishing to use their transmitters/receivers on Congolese territory must
submit a request for temporary use of frequencies. These requests must include: the
type of station, the transmission and reception frequencies, the number of stations and
the frequency band required.
Related equipment must be declared on arrival.



The format for participation in the summit is defined as follows:

  • Delegation led by a Head of State: 1 + 2
  • Delegation led by a Head of State representative: 1 + 2
  • International organization: 1+ 2
  • The number of seats reserved for each State delegation (1+4),
  • The number of seats reserved for regional and international financial institutions
    is (1+4).
  • The number of seats reserved for regional and international financial institutions
    is (1+4).
  • The number of seats reserved for the UN, international organizations and the
    private sector is (1+4).
  • The number of seats reserved for other groups is (1+1).

The final Summit program will be distributed to all participating countries and
invited delegates.


Plenary and thematic sessions will benefit from simultaneous translation into English,
French, Spanish and Portuguese.



Conference working documents will be available online at :
In order to preserve the environment, there will be no printed copies of working
documents, unless expressly requested by the organizers.


Lounges for bilateral meetings will be available at the Centre International de
Conférence de Kintélé on October 26, 27 and 28, 2023 from 09:00 to 18:00, subject to
Interested delegations can reserve a lounge at the following link :



Accreditation requests for all summit participants can be made via the website :

Foreign delegations are advised to register using passports.

Delegations will be physically accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Francophonie and of the Congolese Diaspora. All delegations must send their complete
lists to the Ministry.
Each delegation must designate, in writing addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Francophonie and of the Congolese Diaspora, a delegation coordinator (DC) who will be
in charge for registering the entire delegation and collecting badges.

Access to the conference site and other areas dedicated to the summit will be strictly
limited to duly accredited participants with badges.
Badges are very important security identifiers. They are strictly personal and non-
transferable. If you lose your badge, please notify the registration center immediately.
All delegates are advised to arrive sufficiently early at the summit venue to ensure that
badges are handed over without delay.
For press, the online registration link is : www.thethreebasinsummit.org/registration/
Accreditation of press corps will take place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Francophonie and of the Congolese Diaspora.
To this end, media managers are required to provide all the necessary information for
staff accreditation, as well as for equipment authorization, including staff identities,
qualifications, passport numbers and the characteristics of press equipment.
If any other special permits are required, these can be requested through diplomatic



On October 28, 2023, the 3rd day of the conference, access to the meeting venue will
be strictly limited to officially registered vehicles and drivers.

Designated drivers will be registered by the Delegation Coordinator with :

Colonel Christian Ange KOUALA
Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization,
Tél : (+242) 05 699 26 86 / 05 699 29 45 / 06 699 07 52 /  06 699 06 89
Email : direction.affairesjuridique@gmail.com

Delegations and service providers will be required to submit details of their vehicles in
the prescribed format.

Only authorized vehicles will be allowed access to the conference venue.

Vehicle passes will be delivered from 10am on October 17, 2023.
All participants and delegates must wear their badges at all times at Kintélé
International Conference Center.



Il y aura une salle pour les rencontres des groupes régionaux au Centre International de Conférence de Kintélé, d’une capacité maximum de 30 personnes disponibles, uniquement les 26, 27 et 28 octobre 202,3 de 10 h00 à 18h00 pour les séances allant jusqu’à 60 minutes, sous réserve d’autres réservations faites par d’autres groupes régionaux.


Les délégations disposant d’un espace de travail exclusif avec des services informatiques, accès Internet et imprimante au Centre International de Conférence de Kintélé.


Les réceptions suivantes seront organisées :

  • Un diner présidentiel sera offert le 27/10/2023 à 19 h (sur invitation spéciale);
  • Un diner des participants sera offert le 27/10/2023 à 19h dans la Salle des banquets – Grand Hôtel de Kintélé;
  • Un déjeuner des Chefs d’États sera offert après le huis-clos le 28/10/2023 à 16 h dans la salle des banquets – Grand Hôtel de Kintélé (sur invitation spéciale);
  • Un Diner de bienvenue des Ministres sera offert le 26/10/2023 à 19 h dans la Salle Cuvette de l’hôtel Radisson Blu M’Bamou Palace de Brazaville (sur invitation spéciale);
  • Déjeuner des participants sera offert aux participants les 26-27-28/10/2023 à 13 h – dans l’espace aménagé « Restauration » du Centre de conférences de Kintélé;

Un restaurant sera mis en place sur le site du sommet pour le déjeuner de l’ensemble des participants les 26, 27, 28 octobre 2023;

La participation aux dîners officiels se fera uniquement sur invitation. Les badges ne peuvent pas être utilisés à la place des cartes d’invitation. Les cartes d’invitation seront envoyées par l’intermédiaire des agents de protocole/de liaison.



Arrival formalities

The Head of State of the Republic of Congo will welcome the Heads of State and
Government, First Ladies and other Heads of Delegations at the drop-off point (VIP

They will be taken to the VIP waiting room, and then to the Summit hall.
Protocol staff receiving Ministers and other dignitaries will escort them to the VIP
waiting room or directly to the Summit venue.

Given the limited space in the VIP waiting rooms, access will be strictly controlled.Heads of state and government will travel to and from the meeting venue in order of

Departure formalities

At the end of the meetings, the Heads of State and Government will be escorted to the
Protocol VVIP waiting room.
Accompanying delegation members are advised not to follow or congregate at the VVIP
entrance or in the lobby.
Convoys will be organized in order of precedence. When a convoy is ready, information will be passed on to the protocol officer attached for departure.

Photo formalities

The family photo will take place at the International Conference Center, at the entrance to the auditorium.
Heads of state and government and heads of delegation will be placed on the steps in
order of precedence.


Heads of delegations other than Heads of State are welcomed by Government officials  with similar rank or an authority of the Republic designated for this purpose.

Departure arrangements :

In accordance with the schedule issued by each Head of Delegation, the order of departure is established and communicated to all technical departments by the National Protocol Department.

Delegation departure times are announced to the teams provided at least five (5) hours before the plane carrying them takes off.

Luggage are taken to Maya-Maya international airport or the Beach at least three (3) hours before departure.

A high-ranking authority of the Republic accompanies each head of delegation to their point of departure from Brazzaville.

Monitoring the stay of heads of delegation :

In addition to the security escort, the following officials and technical staff are assigned to each head of delegation, according to their status :

Sovereign, Head of State, Vice-President, Head of Government :

  • an accompanying Minister;
  • a protocol officer;
  • a security officer.

Other heads of delegation :

  • one protocol officer;
  • one security officer.

Carrying firearms : Applications for permits to carry firearms on the Congolese territory are addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francophonie and of Congolese Diaspora. Details of the identity of bearers of firearms, including full names, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number, as well as the characteristics of the firearms, including type, caliber, serial number and cartridges, must be clearly indicated.

Only five (5) automatic pistol-type firearms, each with a maximum of 10 rounds of ammunition, are authorized per delegation.

Persons carrying firearms are not permitted access to meeting rooms. However, the security services of the Republic of Congo will inform delegations of the number of firearms authorized at the site of the works, at the place of receptions and banquets,


All firearms must be declared at the point of entry, on arrival and on departure.



The main point of entry to Brazzaville is Maya-Maya international airport. However, Brazzaville Beach is the second point of entry for delegations arriving from or transiting trough Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At Maya-Maya international airport, the presidential pavilion will be reserved for Sovereigns, Heads of State and Vice-Presidents.

A VIP lounge will be reserved for Heads of government, Ministers, representatives of international organizations and other distinguished guests.

At the Beach, all delegations arriving by river will be welcomed in the VIP lounge.

Sovereigns, Heads of State and Government, and heads of delegations from international organizations will be granted all the protocol courtesies befitting their rank, both on arrival and departure.

Arrival and departure of Sovereigns and Heads of State

Welcome ceremony : On arrival, Sovereigns and Heads of State are welcomed at Maya-Maya international airport or at the Brazzaville Beach by another high-ranking authority of the Republic of Congo, following a lighter ceremony due to the large number of delegations expected. The red carpet and a guard of honor will be laid out for this purpose.

After the welcome ceremony at the bottom of the footbridge, the Sovereigns and Heads of State greet the constituted bodies lined up on the tarmac, then are taken to the presidential pavilion for a brief interview, before heading to their hotels.



International and commercial flights

Delegates are advised to contact their travel agency or the airline of their choice to purchase their ticket in advance.

NOTE : Most international commercial flights arrive at Maya-Maya international airport.

On each delegation’s arrival, luggage are picked and taken to the hotel by Congolese
handlers, accompanied by a luggage handler designated by the state or organization concerned.

To facilitate identification of checked luggage, it is recommended that the sticker
shown in APPENDIX I be printed on self-adhesive paper and placed on top of the

Private international flights
Requests for overflights and landings should be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francophonie and of Congolese Diaspora at the following address :
Mr Sidney ADOUA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francophonie and of Congolese Diaspora
Tel : (+242) 06 699 25 35.
Email : direction.affairesjuridique@gmail.com
Delegations chartering special flights must indicate in their request the characteristics
of the aircraft, in particular :

  • aircraft type;
  • aircraft registration;
  • call sign;
  • operator;
  • number of crew members and their full names.

This information must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francophonie and of
Congolese Diaspora at the above address or numbers at least 72 hours before the trip, to enable the relevant departments to process all requests with due diligence.

A parking area is provided at Maya-Maya international airport for private aircraft.

Crews are accommodated, at their own expense, in the hotels of their choice. All costs relating to the ground handling of private aircraft, including fuel, catering, handling fees and regulated fees (except for Heads of State aircraft), will be paid.



Local transport for delegations to Brazzaville is provided by the Congolese Government, as follows :

  • Delegation led by a Sovereign or Head of State

    protocol sedan;
    2 security vehicles;
    1 VIP limousine;
    3 vehicles for the rest of the delegation;
    Total: 7 vehicles

  • Delegation led by Head of State Representative
    1 protocol sedan;
    1 security vehicle;
    1 VIP sedan;
    1 vehicle for the rest of the delegation.
    Total: 4 vehicles
  • Delegation led by the head of an international organization
    1 protocol sedan
    1 VIP sedan.
    Total: 2 vehicles

For other participants, buses will provide a daily shuttle service between the main
hotels in Brazzaville, which will be determined in advance, and the Kintélé international conference center, the venue of the meeting, at specific times, according to the general program of the summit.

In addition, Congo offers a secure means of getting around the city, including cabs.

  • Delegation led by head of international organization
    1 protocol sedan
  • Transport for other participants

Courtesy shuttle services will operate from October 20, 2023. Participants/delegates will be picked up at the airport and beach on arrival and dropped off at their respective hotels, then from the hotels to the airport on departure.

Shuttles will operate according to predetermined schedules between Kintélé
International Conference Center and the respective hotels; and will be managed by
shuttle liaison officers under the supervision of itinerary managers. They will operate from 07:00 to 18:00.

Transport logistics centers will be set up at Kintélé International Conference Center and Maya-Maya International Airport.



The Congolese Government will provide accommodation for the heads of delegations as follows :

  • Delegation led by a Sovereign or Head of State :
    01 royal or presidential suite for the head of delegation (fully paid);
    02 standard rooms for the delegation suite (accommodation only).


  • Delegation led by a Representative of a Head of State :
    The Congolese Government will provide accommodation for the heads of delegations
    as follows :
    01 ministerial suite for the head of delegation ;
    02 standard rooms for the delegation suite.


  • Delegation led by a senior official of an international organization or institution :
    01 ministerial suite for the head of delegation;
    02 standard rooms for the delegation suite.

In this case, any costs incurred as a result of extended stays and upgrades to rooms
allocated by the Government of the Republic of Congo, taken on personal initiative, will be borne by the delegation concerned.

Other participants will cover their own accommodation costs, and it is recommended́ to book at recommended hotels to benefit from a range of advantages. The list of recommended hotels will soon be available on the summit website.



Entry visas to the Republic of Congo are required for nationals of all countries, with the exception of those with bilateral visa exemption agreements.

Accordingly, all diplomatic and consular missions of the Congo in the countries
concerned will issue visas to members of official delegations, special guests and other
participants in the present summit.

Theft or loss : In the event of theft or loss of accreditation, the accreditation center
must immediately report this to the Ministry of Freign Affairs, Francophonie and of the
Congolese Diaspora.

Cost of participation : Participation in the summit is free of charge; however,
participants must cover their own expenses, including airfare, accommodation and meals during their stay. However, lunch will be provided on site and shuttle services for
delegates staying at recommended hotels.

However, participants from countries where the Republic of Congo has no diplomatic or
consular representation will be issued visas on arrival at Maya-Maya international
airport or at the Brazzaville Beach.

Useful contacts : Colonel Christian Ange KOUALA
Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization,
Tel : (+242) 05 699 26 86 / 05 699 29 45 / 06 699 07 52 /  06 699 06 89
Email : immigration@thethreebasinsummit.org
Furthermore, to facilitate police formalities, it is recommended that the passports of
each delegation be grouped together on arrival in Brazzaville and presented to the
immigration services by a member of the delegation or embassy.

To this end, per delegation, a copy of each member’s passport should be sent to the
following addresses: at least 48 hours before the start of the summit.

Useful contacts :
Mr Sidney ADOUA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francophonie et of the Congolese abroad
Tel : (+242) 06 699 25 35.
Email : direction.affairesjuridique@gmail.com
NOTE : Should travel to the Congo involve a stopover in a third country requiring a visa, this must be requested in good time from the authorities of the country in question.


Port & Airport visa

All those with confirmation of participation received by e-mail and special dispensation(*) will be issued with visas on arrival at Maya-Maya international airport or at the Brazzaville Beach.

(*)Download  special derogations : Special derogation port visa  – Special Decoration aiport visa



Time zone :

Congo is located in the UTC+1 time zone.

Official Currency and Bank :

The official currency is the CFA franc, the common currency of 14 African countries
belonging to the franc zone. The exchange rate, which can vary, is 1 € = 656.8 FCFA and
1$=623.19 FCFA. Banknote denominations are 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 10,000.
Most hotels, some restaurants and the main supermarkets accept Visa cards, while the mobile money payment modality is the most widely used in all places. The cash dispensers present in the country allow you to withdraw cash with an international credit card.
It is recommended to change quotes on arrival at the airport.


Average temperatures in Brazzaville in October range from 23°C to 31°C, but
depending on the year, they can drop to 19°C and rise to 35°C.

Official language :

French is the official language. English is also frequently used.

Hygiene :

As a priority for the country in general, hygiene and property are also
essential in the run-up to the Summit, so inspections were carried out long before we had a list of approved host hotels that met the desired requirements/standards.


All delegates will be served with lunch on site while an additional coffee
breaḱ will be given to VIPs only. However, the venue will have external catering
providers to sell coffeé, snacks at its expense. Catering services for side events will be managed by the responsible partner with a duty to share information and collaborate with the catering team.

Security :

Brazzaville is a quiet city. The general securitý situation in Congo remains

There is currently no curfew in the country and the streets are safe even at night. For
safetý reasons, police forces patrol most city streets in the evening and at night.

Electric current:

In Congo, there are 220/240-volt electrical circuits. Sockets are mainly 2-pin, but most
places, including hotels, have UK 3-pin. While 3-pin adapters are widely available.

Office hours:

Government and corporate offices are generally open between 7:00 and 17:00, with a short lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00. On Fridays, some public
offices, including the UN, work a half-day until around 3pm.

Most stores and banks don’t break for lunch. Some banks close early at 3pm, others at 5pm. Some banks also open on Saturdays. Depending on the district, some shops remain open 24/7, including supermarkets.

Internet :

There are currently several Internet service providers in the country: MTN Congo, Airtel Congo, Congo Télécom and others. These providers offer different packages and packages. All hotels and most public spaces, including the summit sites, offer free WiFi connections.



Car rental :

Essential general phone/email numbers :

Airport flight info/ Aéroport Maya-Maya
Email service client: service.commercial@aerco-cg.com

MTN Congo

Airtel Congo

Police emergency

  • Phone: 117

Firefighters emergency

  • Phone: 118

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